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                 Professional event equipment and technical services
PA Packages
1000w Vocal PA Package
5000w Band PA Package
5000w PA Package with 2000w Foldback
2 x KV2 EX10 Speakers with Stands
6ch Mixer with EQ and Effects
1 x SM58 Microphone and stand
Mic leads and Extension cables
KV2 ES Rig (2 x ES1.0, 2 x ES2.5, 2 x Epak2500R)
6 ch Mixer and 2 x SM58 Mics
DI's instrument mics and stands
15m 12ch Multicore
KV2 ES Rig (2 x ES1.0, 2 x ES2.5, 2 x Epak2500R)
32ch Yamaha LS9 digital Mixer
30m 32ch Multicore
3 x Shure SLX Beta 58 wireless mics
4 x KV2 EX10 Foldback Speakers.
additional Wired mics as required for instruments and vocals with stands
$150 per night
$400 per night
$985 per night
Projector Hire
PA System Hire 
Movie Nights
Concert PA system 
Outdoor Movies
Digital Mixers 
Projector Screens
Lighting Hire
Wireless Microphones 
Intelligent Lights
Haze Machines
Stage Hire
Global Truss 
3 Phase Power Distribution
Vision Mixers 
LED Stage Lights