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Professional Lighting Equipment
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GrandMA Ultralight
The GrandMA Ultralight is a compact lighting desk with exceptional power.
It is small and lightweight as well as extremely portable. It allows for 2 DMX universes from the desk
with capabilities of expansion hardware if more channels are required.
The desk has the ability to do everything that the Full Size GrandMA can do with Capabilities
only limited by your Imagination. Optional additional touch screen monitor available
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Martin SmartMAC
The SmartMAC is a 150w Moving head light that performs like many 250w fixtures on the market.
The SmartMAC performs best in studios, theatres and church venues
as it contains no internal fans thus making it completely silent.
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MAC250 Entour
The MAC 250 Entour is currently one of the best small moving head fixtures on the market. Featuring dual gobo, many colours, loads of special effects and extremely fast pan and tilt capabilities, the 250 Entour is a hit on stage.
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LED Par 64 RGB Cans
Until now a lot of electricity  was needed in order to get a bright light that is dimmable, a lot of the power used in getting light this bright is dissipated in heat. The LED Par 64 resolved this problem using LED technology. Removing the need for gel changing and dimmer packs and power looming. Thes RGB LED lamps are cool, use a fraction of the power and can be colour changed to virtually any colour using DMX Data.
3 Segment LED Strip
The 3 segment LED strip is extremely versatile, it can be used in many situations, as a stage backing effect, a truss feature light, or as a stage front floor light helping to get light on peoples faces. Also with full colour control and dimming over DMX or flashing to music in stand alone mode, the LED strip will add a wow element to any stage show.
Unique 2 Hazer
What is a stage show without a fine haze? The Unique 2 will put a very even haze through the venue in order to accentuate the beams created by lighting, especially moving lights. The difference between a good lighting show and a great stage show is the haze and the unique 2 is one of the best on the market to create this..