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                 Professional event equipment and technical services
Audio and PA Equipment
Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console
The Yamaha LS9-32 is a extremely easy to use digital mixing console, it features all on board EQ’s and Effects with 32 inputs and 16 outputs there is more than enough channels to keep any band happy. Ideal for all types of Live shows
KV2 Audio ES Series FOH system and amps
The ES 1.0 is compact, lightweight and can be combined with a variety of ES series subwoofers. As a single system it offers one of the highest quality portable sound reinforcement solutions on the market today. When coupled with another ES 1.0 (running two stacked horizontally per side) it becomes an even more powerful tool, providing peak SPL’s of 139dB and a throw of up to 40 metres for applications of up to 3000 people.
KV2 Audio EX10 Series Powered Speakers
The EX10 is a very compact 2-way, high-output, full-range active speaker system. Despite its 10” woofer and remarkably small footprint it successfully takes on many larger 12”models and is favoured by audio visual presentation and rental companies all over the world for its sheer quality and tremendous output.
Multicore 28 Send 4 Return 30m
On a reel and easy to transport with locking Castors, this Multicore is extremely easy to setup and pack away, Just roll it out and roll it back Looks after 28 sends from the stage and 4 returns. Adaptors are available to increase the amount of returnsif required.
Microphones and DI's
We have a range of Wired and Wireless Microphones to suit your requirements from
Wireless handheld vocal Microphones to Drum Mics to Chior Mics as well as a variety of Mic stands and Clips for various applications. Our mics are the Industry standard Shure SM57 and SM58 as well as the SM58beta live mics. Adaptors DI's and leads are also never a problem.
Backline Equipment
We have access to a variety of Backline equipment to suit the touring artist. Let us know your requirements and we should be able to get it for you. From drum kits, DJ consoles, Bass Amps Keyboads and Guitar Amps. we can even hunt down specific effects units if need be.