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Movie Night Fundraising Packages
Arrange your very own social movie night for the school, sporting club or workplace in order to bring in great funds for your orginasation and increase the social comrardary of your local community.

Everyone loves a movie night and if the weather is right why not bring a deck chair and sit outside, have a picnic and enjoy the outing together as a community on a Giant outdoor screen.
The cost of the equipment for the movie night can usually be offset by selling advertising slots before the movie to local businesses who are ususally happy to pay for a 30 second profile on the big screen when there is a large local audience. 10 x 30 second advertisements only take 5 minutes and the cost can be underwritten for the equipment. A typical movie would start 30 minutes after sunset and be finished 90 minutes later so the night is not late and families can usually be home by 9:15pm

Money can also be made by selling Coffee, Popcorn, Drinks, Icreams and confectionary to patrons meaning you can put the event on with no admission fee in order to bring more people making it an even bigger anual event.

Licencing of the Movie can be arranged simply and easily, There are full list of available movies and prices start at $1.00 per head so if you are expecting 500 perople at your movie night depending on the movie the licence can be around $500-$750 for the event.

Contact us for a Quote on arranging your next movie night. We have the marketing plan to maximise your attendance and your profit. All you need to do is descide on which movie to watch and a bit of business sponsorship dective work in your local area.